Haunted Nightmares

Victims plee on their knees.
Death & torture is their fate to be.
"Help me" the spirits scream.
This was a nightmare not a dream.
A vision of what was or is to be.
I hope it's not Ariel or me.
Blocks of human meat with pins.
In the basement the predator wins.
Slaughter is the worst sin.
I awoke horrified unable to sleep.
The trauma was that heartless & cut too deep.
Murder has no reason other than sadistic urge.
Causes you sickness to purge.
It's like the killers mind has a power surge.
Their circuits are disconnected.
Innocent lives are affected.
Their disease spreads to infect.
Evil controls their thoughts they recollect.
They are deluted with senseless delusion.
Such mental confusion.
Destruction of living vessels.
So cruel in coffins corpses nestle.
Anger & hate never desipatates.
It calculates & waits.
Luring their prey with bait.
Opportunity & circumstance
allow their crimes to dance.
Death has no romance.
It strikes when given the chance.

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