Haunted nights

I buried the memory of you
at the center of the universe.
Where the wind never rests and the trees always dance,
I let go of you.
I bid farewell to the person you could've become,
this person still lives in my mind.
I cursed that I had to leave and you'd always stay here
where the wind never rests and the trees always dance.

With high honors, I buried the person
you would never become.
And listened as the world mourned its loss,
the empty space where you used to be.
The void wears the shape of all you could've become,
and the weight of what will never be.
You would've rescued us all, had you lived,
for you were the one light we needed.
What lacks to the world now no one can fill.

No one can mean what you used to mean to me, oh my love
No replica of you could ever have your flawless flaws,
My imperfect heaven.
Farewell, oh my love,
my ill-fated fairytale, my long-lost paradise,
Don't come back to haunt my nights anymore.

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