Haunting Dreams

Sometimes, all hope seems lost,
The pain seems too much.
However, abandoned dreams come at a greater cost.
The farther away, the more difficult to touch,
These dreams fading in the distance.

Sometimes you just want to give in
And fall to your knees.
You think you can’t win,
Even with the endless stream of pleas.
Not until you have faith in yourself.

For you see, these haunting dreams
Are only beyond your reach if you give up on them.
Dreams are like fish swimming in streams
Or a field of flowers with a kind of thick stem,
All you have to do is reach over and pluck them.

It is safe to say that these dreams
Now being exposed to the light
Are quite obtainable, despite the complex seams.
Then departs the night
And the dreams awaken to reality.
(Completed 2015)

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