Have Confidence

By: Julia Trahan

We wonder who we are
If this world we live in is just a dream
If maybe we don’t belong in it
Or if we should be taken out

Society causes these doubts
They pick on us
Torcher us
Plant false thoughts in our minds

They control us
Deceive us
Push us around
And treat us like puppets

But we are at fault to
We let them do this
We listen to them
We agree with them

Granted they started it
But why didn’t we stop them?
Ignore them?
Walk away?

Because we are weak
We look for acceptance
But when we don’t get it we try harder
Why don’t we just accept ourselves?

Our acceptance should be all we need
Other opinions should be just that.
Their opinion
Not our Opinion

You can’t expect everyone to compliment you
Compliment yourself
Love yourself
Be you and only you

I love myself
I compliment myself and others
I treat people with respect and expect the same in return
I am making a difference in this world…

It’s your turn now.

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