Have I?

Have I not cried enough tears for you to hear?
Have I not had enough nightmares to know fear?
Have I not been sick long enough to need a cure?
Have I not live enough time to know a wasted life?
Have I not seen enough pain and agony to feel sorrow?
Have I not walked in the dark long enough to see the light?
Have I done enough wrong to know right?
My face is a photograph, which emotion would you like to see?
Popcorn and balloons, it's everything but heavenly.
Sadly we can never go back to the way things used to be.
How much longer do I need to be tired to know rest?
How much more do I need to fail to know success?
How many more lives and hearts do I need to destroy,
So that I may know happiness and restore what's left?
I feel guilt and shame knowing my sins will be forgiven
and my soul will be refreshed!
The snow: how much longer does my soul have to be cold
until I get to view the sun?
And when I do, will it be the last days of summer?
To resist, or to embrace this abomination that hungers?
When broken is easily fixed, how easily will you break it again?
To live this way is to die this way!
This is what I dread, to become what is written.

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