At night I smile at you.
As you pass far above my pate,
My eyes admiringly gave as you pass.

Only lucent side you showed me,
Yet other is hidden behind my vision.
Only that dull sky can tell what you hide.
Longing is my heart for your other side.

On the cloudy nights, away from me you hide.
As thunderbolts strikes, out of fear I shiver,
Behind clouds you hide.
Your grandeur my eyes miss
Away from my eyes is your comforting glow.

Are any clouds hiding you from that sky?
Have you hide from that sky
As thunderbolts strike?
Has ever frightened sky look for your glow?
Have you ever behind the clouds
Hide from that sky?
Has ever sky's eyes miss your grandeur?
Are you same up there as you are down here?
Are your love glow only to me,
Or the lion share is only for that sky?

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