Have You Ever Lived?

Have you ever sailed the ocean's mind to the peaks of imagination;
Or flew a kite of curiosity through time and all creation?
Have you ever blown a fire out to rekindle its burning light or,
Pondered the simplistic myths of life as the phoenix takes to flight?
Have you ever noticed the tapestry that weaves across the land?
It's the painting of a portrait drawn by nature's hand.
Have you ever pondered the perception based on your perspective;
Then figured how it came to be, and by whose directive?
Are you conscious of the world as it must be seen;
Or do you hide from all reality, and live your life a dream?
The dream that life is easy, that all your lessons you will learn;
That the winds of change will never come, and leave you on your own.
Have you ever thought reality was the way you see the world?
Obstructing the vision as everyone does with judgments new and old.
Have you ever held a fairy within the palm of your hand;
And used the fairy magic there for creation at your command?
Have you ever thought to rise above yourself,
And walk to road less traveled?
If not my friend open your eyes don't lose this sacred battle.
Through your life you must learn, no moment is ordinary;
And beauty lies within us all, to see it is so extraordinary.
As you trek along the mountain path,
With instinct, logic, and emotion soaring high above,
Please remember one thing my friend and walk a life of love!

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