Have You Ever Wondered

Have you wondered why the stars twinkle at night
How thru the day the sun shines so bright
Have you ever wondered about you and me
How everything in our bodies is just where it's supposed to be

Have you ever wondered why the grass is so green
How the air that we brea the is still so clean
How we still have clean water to drink
How we have the ability to reason and to think

Now is it really that hard to understand
Why there's a woman and a man
How all the other creatures of this earth
Were all made opposite so that they can give birth

Or do that it's really nothing at all
That the earth spins on its axis but yet it never falls
How God reached down and parted the Red Sea
For the children of Israel and Moses to Flea

That the son of Man is coming again
To search the heart of every man
Is he the light in you that shines
Will he take you with him or will he take you behind

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