Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered, what makes the stars sit patiently in the sky
Or how The beautiful birds take wings and fly.

Have you ever wondered why the sun so brightly shines,
or why it`s rays of light form in a straight line.

Have you ever wondered, how the earth continues to spin,
or why Human beings all have skin.

Have you always wondered why the sky is always blue,
or why the morning air brings dew.

Have you ever wondered why day is day, and night is night,
or why the night is dark and the day is light.

GOD, did these things, so we could see,
that the Love he gives to all is free,
and if we just stop to look around,
the love of GOD can then be found.

The Stars, the Sun, the Moon above,
Is a gift from GOD with all his love.

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