Have You Ever?

Have you ever
Hidden your body
From the world
Because you were
Too ashamed to let society
Laugh at you
For all the cuts on your skin?

Have you ever
Looked in the mirror
And broken into tears
Because the smile on your face
Wasn't enough to hide the pain?

Have you ever
Held a blade to your body
And you were too weak
To stop yourself
From loving your own oozing blood?

Have you ever
Lain awake in bed
Wishing a handsome prince
Would save you from
The scary voices inside your head?

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This Poems Story

I was driven to publish my poem as a motivation to those who are struggling in dark patches of their story. I am a victim of depression who has just recently found the light. My poem is a firm example of a teen who has escaped a lot of emotion. I encourage those who have not yet managed to leave their pain in the past to keep on fighting because things do get better. Life is a bumpy road, and I strongly believe that kindness is the key to success. Always keep in mind that everyone has a different story.