Have You Heard?


Have you heard of this virus?
It’s coming for us they say,
It’s all over the news, but it’s going away… right?
In school one day and out the next,
The world is revolving around text and FaceTime,
We’re teens in our prime, free from school at last.
Two weeks turned into four, and four into six,
These quarantine days full of cake mix and boredom,
Endless isolation causing glum to replace leisure.
The outside world is slowly crumbling,
While selfishly grumbling we sit inside,
Not wanting to abide by the simple rules we’re given.
Those aren’t just reports, they’re reminders,
Those aren’t just marks in binders written by nurses,
That’s a mother who left her purse on the table.
It’s getting better out there- or so I think,
Untold sacrifices in what I wish was a blink of an eye,
I’m sorry you died as we whined of our own misfortunes.
Is it safe? Can we go?
The truth is that nobody knows the answer,
We’re all guessers whose choices decide the future.
So, this is our new normal,
The old ways retired without a formal farewell.
We must assist in all ways available,
So, wear your mask like a medal and distance as a hero,
Because the other arrow leads us back to square one.

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