Have You Noticed

There is something heavily intoxicating, the moment before you cry.
It’s a build-up, a multiplication of words and sounds that come from your soul
that topple onto each other in a loud clanging and
eventually your nose burns, your eyes sting and
You’ve given into your own swirling chaos inside of yourself.

It’s in your throat now, and it’s climbed itself over your heart and
through your ribs and inhabited your voicebox. It’s moved to your ears,
burning, stinging, deafness; your logic has left the building.

You are fully sold, fully victim, fully believing in
the relief of your own tears that swell.
And something leaves you as you cry,
it goes into the universe outside of you
and it feels so good to finally give it up, like maybe you’ve actually given up.
What a beautiful place to be, cleansed and empty and pure.
You submit, as the walls fall down onto you.

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