She exuded an east coast essence
She was dripping in party girl pearls
Her looks weren't her only weapon
She was closer to heaven than most girls

She smoked outside, all Bambi eyed
Decadence running through her veins
The one she loved so tragically died
She left clawmarks on his remains

If you looked deep into her eyes
She'd forever be your muse
She was a beautiful enigma
A shot of your favorite booze

She could predict your future
Along with tomorrow's news
Suitors tried to consume her
But none of them sparked her fuse

No one discovered the depths
Of her beautifully abstract mind
It takes a certain hunger
To conquer a spirit so unrefined

Tonight she makes an entrance
One like your never seen
She's chain-smoking, and ego stroking
Surrounded by local fleas

She has them wrapped up in conversation
They're hanging on to her every word
To find someone more dynamic
You'd have to scour the entire earth

She's gods proudest creation
She's critically acclaimed
A coastal variation
In an ocean of the same number

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