If you could fly away with the stars would you?
What a shame; can’t event trust what people call true.
Will the torture ever really be through
For a person who never knew what to do?
People who try,
V/s people who lie;
Those who cry,
Over those who die.
That’s why everybody needs a place called Haven,
To dwindle the fact everyday people need savin’.
Tired of finding out most allies are fake,
A cluster of people affected by the choices thy make.
So next time I’m given something in which to take,
I’ll be sure to thank those who made me great.
Instead of feeling late,
I’ll be in a sort of state.
And no one can dare call me the or after trait,
Because, just so you know, that is not my fate,
Nor will it be after this date.
Understand, people need a place called Haven,
It’s a lot of people around the world that need savin’.
Truth; only what you chose to trust,
As life goes on, no one tells you too much trust isn’t a must;
(It’s not always we, they, us.)
Comparable to global warming, and earth’s polar ice crust,
Add water to my brain, and it to, may rust,
Get the jest, or the just?
Where to shield thy from the bust,
Of a child blown away by the gust,
Left in the sinister, malicious world hidden by nonexistent dust.
One could really use a Haven,
A tranquil place, thy wouldn’t need savin’.

Ever learn two wrongs don’t make a right,
Especially in a world, full of spite.
The world with nothing but fright,
Is like being caught in a lightning storm with a kite,
You know I’m right, when you’ve seen it with your sight.
Life has gotten to tight,
Can you grasp the struggle and fight,
In the horrendous, awful night.

Refuge, Asylum
Protecting, Shielding, Caring
Help me find you.

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