Having Asperger's Syndrome

I live among you, often appearing fragil and weak.
My feelings are often guarded; I barely tweet.
You think I am timid with no guts or glory.
I am here to tell you the rest of the story.

Shadows are where I am most comfortable, hiding from the hood.
When I do show my feelings, they are most often misunderstood.
I am loving, kind, and willing to learn.
There are skills and knowledge that I still need to earn.
Hidden strength is there and being focused is what I can see.
I have talent, but I don't share a lot about me.

I do care with all my heart.
Every day I make an effort to start.
My way of doing things may seem odd.
My thinking may be different, just ask my coworker named Todd!

I have Asperger's syndrome. It is who I am, but that's okay.
I am unique and my disorder does not define me in any way.
We are special and all have gifts to bring.
Lift your heads up high; do not be afraid to sing!

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