Hazy, Hot, and Humid

Sun beating down on the ground burning her porcelain colored skin.
"It's so hot," she murmured as her gaze slowly turned to him.
He looked down at her, amused by her obvious discomfort.
"Well baby, you wanted to go out." A fact he did assert.
She huffed and whined. The sweat she could feel; trickled down her shirt.
"I can handle this," she said, playing with the hem of her skirt.
He scoffed at her childishness and averted his gaze to the road.
The image was wavy, deteriorating, delusional corrode.
"I can't take this anymore!" she declared deviating him from his thoughts.
Off came her baby blue shirt much to his shock.
Nothing but a white midriff bra covered her top.
"Baby put your shirt back on. Men are gonna be drawing lots,"
She laughed innocently, "Darling its just so humid, and hot."
His hands immediately went to her waist, pulling her closer in an embrace.
Smiling at the game she was playing, he pulled her back with a straight face.
"Well unless we're at the beach, your body is for only me to see."
She scoffed, "Beg to differ hun. It's hazy, hot,humid and I'm suffocating."

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