He lays his head against the concrete
And lets coolness seep into his skin
Behind him is the roar of the city's street
But his mind is somewhere else within

He beats himself up with self hatred
No one can understand
This hole that his depression created
To him, he's already damned

He writes atrocious stories of rage
That reflect his affliction
You could never comprehend a single page
Thinking that it was fiction

He is isolated and unknown
Just the way he likes
Someone you always condone
Lest he makes a single strike

He shows his pain in mysterious ways
For you could never see
The mind he obtains is a drunken haze
And is littered with torturous debris

If you don't understand who I am talking about
My friend, a secret I will let you in
But the story I have told you, do not flout
For "he" is really you deep within

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