He dared not refuse the queen

He dared not refuse the queen.
He was hers to use as she damn well pleased.
He knew she had him, and it made him queasy.
He gave into her reigns, and he silenced his pleas.

Dare he not refuse the queen?
Must she hold onto his freewill for eternity?
He had a mind of his own, but she trapped his light in her canteen.
He lost his ambitions to her quite often, and she took them from him with ease.

Finally, he dared to refuse the queen.
He took control from her, and he put his work back on his own easel.
He started planting seeds of routine, and he waited for the growing evergreens.
He found out he didn't need her, and he was actually very well equipped.

He lived happily ever after forever in pure and complete happiness.
He never returned to her because she no longer had him gripped.

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