He Did Not Care

As I sit here and pour my heart to you,
You just looking like if my words don't
There is nothing to say to justify the
This has been coming for sometime,
I felt it and so did you,
The love we once had is dead and gone,
Just like this conversation that we are
having right now,
You can't even look me in the eye,
I thought that you called yourself a man,
You just sit there smoking your damn
I wanted it to work but you had other
It was not a woman that tore us apart,
It was your lifestyle that I just could not
Claim you working all the time what job you
know makes a man word seven days,
Tears are rolling down my face and that's when
you have the courage to look me in the eye,
It's to late things have fallen apart in this
Telling me that you love me won't change a thing,
I loved you and you knew that you just didn't care,
Time for me to get out your car and walk in our
house that we once shared,
I guess this goodbye.

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