He Did Not Commit a Crime

If she puts the gun to her head,
Will you pull the trigger?
Bc shes afraid if she pulls it,
No one would notice.
But if you pull it,
Everyone would notice.
Not because you killed someone
But because you saved someone.
You saved her from the horrible thing we call society.
She wasn't smart,
She's wasn't even pretty.
She did nothing, she was nothing.
She had no purpose,
She was a waste of space.
Because at home,
She is hardly recognized.
Her dad spends his time getting high.
Bossing his slaves around or what he calls, his kids.
Her mom?
She lives 1000 miles away getting drunk, hoping one day,
She'll have them back.
So i beg of you,
If i put the gun to my head,
Will YOU pull the trigger?

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