He Is

He may have been the reason I came into exsistance
To him there can be no comparison.
He is like the sun that greets me in the morning
that shines so bright,
The shoulder that i lean on at noon,
and the hands that tuck me in at night !
He is the calm that comforts me, in the mist of the storm
He is the chariot that carries me into battle
at the sound of the horn
He is my strength and weakness all in the same breath
So i'll sheild and protect him in my heart until i have nothing left
Without him i am like a leaf in the wind being carried away
With him i am like the rising of the sun
signaling the dawn of a new day
His virtues are priceless, more valuable than diamonds and gold
He is humble, never boastful, Still he stands bold.
I'm convinced neither time nor distance can keep me from him
Even when he has given all he can give,
He keeps me thirsting for more.
He is the Nourishment that nurtures my soul when i am weak.
he is the cry of ecstacy when i reach my highest peak.
He truely on of the greatest gifts to this world.
and any success with out him is simply failure.

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