When the walls of this earth feel as though they are trying to devour me, trying to close me in,
keep me in bondage and a prisoner of the things that aren’t meant to be, a gentle touch taps
me on the shoulder and tells me… HE IS ALL I NEED.

When I am full of distress and a little more focused and concerned about health, friendships, the
needs and wants of the family and unmet financial obligations a gentle voice tells me… HE IS ALL I NEED.

As I step outside of the foundation that covers my head and is a shield that protects me from the wilderness,
the unexpected and unpleasant conditions held within, once again I am told…HE IS ALL I NEED.

I keep hearing, eventually seeing these words, but yet and still I continue to make an attempt to do things
my way and of course on my own because I have an image to up hold, causing me to ignore what has already
been reviled to me.

Negativity founds its temporary place causing me to feel as though my continuous efforts are useless and countless.
I start to feel defeated, unappreciated and all alone. I’ve done all I know how. I’ve used all the resources within my
reach and to the best of my ability. My heart is troubled! It’s filled with so much pain! I drop to my knees,
convincing myself I can no longer go on! I tell myself to just give up there is nothing more you can do. Then
suddenly in the midst of my cry a strong, but still gentle voice this time saying my name tells me …I AM ALL YOU NEED!!!

Like a verse in an old gospel song no more chains holding me, I feel up lifted and totally free. If I have never believed before
I really believe now that…HE IS ALL I NEED.

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