He Is Always There

He is always there,
His love grows each day.
When I feel alone,
He comforts me.

He will forever care
What I do and say.
When I fall on stone,
Up He lifts me.

He is always there
To help me along my way.
Forever has His light shown-
Forever shall it guide me.

He does forever care;
He calls me to stay
And share the love I own.
Forever, His child I will be.

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This Poems Story

Poetry is a way to express your inner thoughts and feelings; and for me, it is a way to find hope and love, too. My family has always been full of love, and I have a strong faith in God; this is why I wrote "He Is Always There." I lost my brother and my dad, but my mom, my sister, and my God are still with me. Both mom and my sister Sidney have the light of Christ in them, and God has bound us by love. My God is always there, and so is my loving, supportive family.