He Is Here

In world of violence, why aren't You here?
Why aren't you here? We need You here.
You watch him scorch us and grind our teeth.
He is not beneath,
He is here.
How can we believe in heaven when all we know is hell?
Reveal Your love, Your joy, Your power and glory.
We would choose You, we would choose You.
If only they could see it black and white,
God or Satan,
They would choose You.
Maybe I have too much confidence in this human race.
Yes I know, we have become a disgrace,
But if only they felt Your joy in their pain,
They would praise Your name.
Your love would drench them in their own tears.
But no, they don't see You here;
Their knees remain to shake,
Danger is in disguise,
And we have all become fake.
Feel my fear-
God, let them see You here.

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This Poems Story

I am a freshman at Gordon College and have an indescribable family living back home in Connecticut. Newtown inspired me to write this poem. I was angry-angry at our society and angry at God. How could something so disturbing, so sickening, happen so close to home? And even worse, how could He let it happen? I couldn't sleep; so at two a.m., I pulled out my laptop and slapped my emotions into words. While writing this poem, I was able to work out my anger and see God is not to blame for this tragedy. He is here.