He Knew

He knew what he was doing and did it well.
He knew how to use me.
He knew how to abuse me.
He just knew.

Why didn't I know?
Why didn't I see?
That he was only playing me?

I just wanted to believe I'm love, that's all.
I mean he was tall, could talk fish out of water.
But that doesn't matter.

Why you?
Why me?
Why us?

All the signs were there.
I ignored them.

They told me to leave.
But I stayed.

He just knew how to shut me up.
How to humiliate me. Publicly multiple times.
But I went back after each time.

But guess what he left me.

For another girl.

I felt that in my chest.
Felt my heart ripping like a piece of paper.

Its nobody’s fault but mine, my friend tried, to tell me to end quick, fast, and in a hurry.


I fell in love.
He made me scared to do so again.

I feel bad for the next guy.

I could still hear your words.

But your actions spoke louder.

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