He Left Me ALONE.....

I was riding my bike around the college campus when my bike crashed with his bike. We both fell hard, but we looked at each other and exchanged a strange and weird smile, before riding away. I was just staring at him like a peacock at rain. Sounds funny; but YES!

The next day, I saw him inside the classroom and his cute smile made my heart skip a beat. I stared at him like a mistress to her lover and he went away saying 'Excuse me'. That night I couldn't sleep, because I couldn't stop thinking about him. No matter how happy I was thinking about him.

The next day, I saw him in the garden, reading a book. I asked if he could share his seat with me. Without hesitation he said "yes! you can". We talked to each other about topics like love, commitments, friendship, relationship, etc. Every discussion took me more and more closer to him.

Each Day we met, we exchanged smiles, we exchanged books, we even exchanged phone number. Finally when I realised that I genuinely love him, I decided to confess my feelings to him. I saw him with another girl. I understood that I was late. He brushed past me, smiled, and left like a wave. He abandoned me. My heart broke like a glass but there was no sound. With tears in my eyes and full of guilt, I returned. Thinking...He Left Me ALONE...

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