He loves me

I want you to know how much I love you,
Your my best friend and I'm glad I have you.
You listen to pain I have inside me,
You help me to be the best me I can be.
You opened your ears and listen to my pain,
You hear all the angry and lonely thoughts in my brain.
I feel as though you love me through thick and thin,
I love you so much with my heart thin as tin.
You opened me up to world full of hate,
I feel our love was always our fate.
When I look at you all I can see,
Is all the love you have for me.
You stole my heart when it was broken,
When others held it like it was a token.
Please don't take my love for granted,
Because I gave you my heart and I don't want it tainted.
Continue to love me as much as you can,
Because I will always love you my number 1 man.
Your touch, your love, your embrace,
I love all of your little kisses all over my face.
So love me tender and love me right,
Please make sweet love to me all night.
You saw all my pain and you fixed good,
You love me more than a fat kid that loves food.

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    This Poems Story

    This is about me and how I feel. I feel as though I am invisible in my household.... I feel as though I'm living with everyone but they don't want me just need me.