He loves me not now

once most dear to you;
the love whom had your heart.
Broke each and every promise made.
Left you alone while you fell apart.
For i will never leave your side. Even on your dying day.
Nor give your heart a reason,
to question,
what I feel, do or even say.
Questions of my loyalty, for you, will not arise.
There will not come a single day in which, to you, my tongue speaks lies.
I realize your heart may need
time to work through the mess.
Right beside you I will stay; vowing never to love you less.
I give my all, for you and I; for always, for today and tomorrow.
I give my word, with me, your heart;
Not once will again feel sorrow.
If I could take your heartache pain even if for just a second,
Without a doubt,
I’d make it mine. There would be no hesitation.
I will not push or pull you to feel the feelings I do.
I want you always to be yourself.
After all, I fell in love with the simple you.

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We can’t help who we love, how quickly we love and at times can’t explain the reason we love. Never give up on love because of a difficult learning experience.