He Loves Me Not

He looks me deep into my tear-filled eyes
And with an acute face, he tells me his lies
He tells me everything I want to hear
He keeps me close, but not too near
He loves me....he loves me not
Plays with my mind and betrays my heart
And every little lie tears another piece of it apart
He is a pernicious masquerade of countless faces
He'll take your love and soul to numerous dark places
He loves me..he loves me not
His falsifications, he starts to believe
He doesn't know himself, so how could he possibly know me?
Wearing his mask of charm, he'll put you under his spell
Then comes his other faces, which all ascend from Hell
He loves me..he loves me not
To him love is a game, nothing more
He lives off the hearts and souls he leaves broken and sore
He keeps me hanging on by a thread of lies
For his love, my heart cries and cries
He loves me..he loves me not

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