He loves; you all seem at a loss for care.

The boy wakes up,
He gets out of bed,
He covers with raiment,
He leaves his dome of shelter in search of 5 principles of need,
But no one cares.

The boy doesn't stand on the bus as he knows he may fall,
He practices abstinence from exacerbating the shadows that may obliterate him,
He locks his doors at night after he gets home,
He hugs the covers and locks his bedroom door while he sleeps,
But no one cares.

The boy gives everything to the girl that he truly loves,
He shows his family that he is happy and mostly stable,
He stays in touch with his friends and the people he did acquaintance to others,
He gives advice and tries to give those without the will and knowledge to go on,
But no one cares.

The boy knows that he is worthwhile and can be beautiful,
He understands the problems surrounding him and works through them with confidence,
He goes through the day with a love for every muscle and neuron needed to go on,
He can appreciate his situation and valleys and peaks and care for them,
But no one cares.

The man realizes that everything he wants to believe is real,
He grows to his environment and subsequently himself,
He takes rides the subway with the simulation of his life in his stream,
He is a finished product of the world he inhabits,
But no one cares.

You see those that give him shelter only do so because he's theirs.
The only reason the system protects him is to be fair,
The people he loves and gives fuel to only take that to leave him, or forget him all together.
The only way he goes on being content and fulfilled is because he can provide it himself,
But it will never matter if no one gives him the things he tries to provide to us.

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This Poems Story

a bit of stuff that's gone on in my life, personally about the lack of appreciation and love directed towards me. not demanding it, its just that i dont cared about anymore. its gotten me down lately.