He Said I Was a Ferrari

He said I was a Ferrari, that I grew so very fast
Sometimes he could not keep up, he often was aghast
He said I was a Ferrari and that he liked a slower pace
A Honda, Ford or Fiat, something he could more comfortably chase

He said I was a Ferrari and my heart, it broke and broke
I knew I could not be with one who did not accept my pace of growth
So I chose myself and left and it was so very hard
How could I live without the one who made my heart leap so very far?

I yelled at God: "How can this be? Is this what I must do?
To let go a man I love so deep so I can to myself be true?"
The answer that came back was YES, Dear Child, you cannot stay
For although your heart does love him your own soul you cannot betray

Because I knew he grew more slowly, I knew it the whole time
And in many ways I held myself back just so his heart would be mine
But we both knew it was pointless, we just could not find a way
He did not really like Ferraris and I did not like his slower pace

He said I was a Ferrari, and I thank him so
For he saw the power inside me before I could even know
He said I was a Ferrari, so now I speed along
With other Ferraris (and eco-friendly Teslas!)
That love and appreciate the pace of my song.

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