He Said, “You Call Me Father”

"Wanting to be somewhere peaceful,

that desire is natural;
to live in peace,
to be free of pain
and harshness.

You have been hurt.
It is real, so there is pain.
Beauty is real, and you see it. Even now.
Beauty is your ally.
Savor it as a friend.

It is in your heart;
dawn is precious, and you feel her.
That is real. It is not far away.
You are being caressed by beauty always.
Talk to hear, fill your heart and thoughts of beauty.
Banish all thoughts that come from fear and doubt in any of their forms,
and you will have chosen strength.
No harshness will reach you.

You have stories to paint.
That is strength,
Power and beauty,
it is yours.
No one can give it to you,
and no one can take it away.
You belong to you alone.
You are blessed.

You being alone is important.
You being still and gentle with yourself,
is very important.
Alone is strength.
Lonely is needy.
To celebrate someones beauty, is beauty.
It makes you a beautiful person all by itself;
no weakness there,
no emptiness,
no diminishment.

I do not live by should've, ought's, or expectations.
I believe we are born to be free;
to become us in our totality.
I see you,
doing exactly that,
your way,
as you are.
That takes true courage;
to stand apart and be yourself.
It is very rare.
You are very rare.
Believe in you.
I do.
Love will find you, because love attracts love;
natural, unforced, and pure."

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