He says to thee

he say to thee
he is always the one
who has to try
who say to me
don't go, we can work it out,
please stay

he says to thee
if he tries to walk away
I simply say “fine”
not don't go or please stay
yet leave me alone
and go away

he say to thee
he is the one who puts up a fight
who always has to try
and I just walk away

he says to thee
he has caused me pain
and I had to fight to get him back
yet when we argue I'm against him
leaving him to fight for us

he says to thee
I want him to forget what happened
and go bury his head in the sand

yet what he dose not tell thee
is my life is full of misery
and sadness to last an eternity

yet what he dose not tell thee
is I always come back and try
I sit there and listen to what he has to say
although I do not speak my mind all the time
it is more then I have done before

yet what he does not tell thee
is he has hurt me more then once
and with the pain he broke me
leaving me depressed
yet I took him back
because I love him
more then anyone I ever could have before

in his words there is truth
but what he dose not understand
is that I have been treated so bad
that now I have forgotten
how to fight and all I can do is run and hide

I just wish he could see
that I AM trying
although I know that I can be cruel
and say such horrible things
its not that I am fighting against us
but that I don't know how to fight for us

I just wish that he could see
I am grateful that he fighting for us
and even tho I told him a time or two
to forget it and move on
all he has to do
is give me time and show me
we are worth the fight.

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