He Waited.

A bird rushes to the sky
That's all it takes to spook him
And spook he does
He leaps to the left
Terror takes over and he bolts
Hooves spewing sand behind us
My feet slip
One stirrup gone
Then, another
He leapfrogs a fallen tree
I soar into the air
I'm like a bird with a broken wing, failing hopelessly in the air
That's me, a bird with no wings
The ground rushes up
My head hits first and my body follows
I slide through the dewy spring grass
I try to breathe, but nothing happens
Scurrying to my feet, gasping for air
Finally I get a breath, oxygen never felt so good
I turn, and I see him
He waited
He waited for me
He was scared, terrified, shaken, but he had waited
And I love him for that.

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