He walks with me

People don't even know what I'm going through,Try walking in my shoes. Love is so blind, it will definitely take over your mind. We all can relate,and if you can't it could be your fate to. Well I went from loving myself to self hate. He had something on my soul I couldn't shake. He lied he cheated and didn't communicate, he didn't understand me be there for me when I needed him the most, But somehow he had a hold on me I couldn't let go. He was the prey and I was the host. See he know I had a love for him that was deep. I loved him for anything no matter how he treated me. I kept from everyone so they wouldn't ask me why do you stay, so I kept to myself and cried everyday. Started to question God and started losing all faith. I know the question is why do you love him so much and yet he cause you so much pain. He has a great soul that was lost but some how was still connected to me and the little faith I had left I held on hoping that we would be. He holds me at night and tell me he loves me when he thinks I'm asleep,he selfish sometimes but I know he has a great heart inside,he makes me laugh as well as he makes me cry but I tell you the love for him I cannot deny. To me he was the only light that I saw through,but I realized that god you was the only light that I should have knew first and you would have guided me and walked with me in my shoes.

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