He was great! He was genius

To life gift offer I
A deaf or mute both blind
For great man life detests
Genius it robes in shame.

From genius,intellectual daring, From the great,achievements in massivity
To evole generations at large
To give brains cause to strain

If in greatness lies responsibility
And neat frings of decency
Bond in white ribbons of chastity,
Role model to many,portrayal of plain.

He cursed the bread
To give life the very best
Studied via every grace
Merit the name called fame.

In genius froth exceptional deeds
Through massivity in imagination
Inventions to applaud nations
In great zeal lives creativity.

Life saw him as icon
His works widen thoughts
With wit-sprinkling wisdom
Non denied he was great.

As philosophized intellectual
Winning obstinacy in challenges,
As a genius life saw him, He created legendary and seemed sacred.

With high socialite he dined
Many adored his brilliancy
He was great!He was genius!
Until the day he stained his garment.

A man once given the earth,
The wide world that makes life
Yet he crave for the moon
Nothing but a dull light.

A man that had it all
Still wanted more of nothing
Truely nothing is enough
Only temptation seems satiable.

The passions left unlelt in quest
For achievements and bid for success
Deeds omitted for haul of fame
Will all one day pin for space.

Though changes brought by fame
Gratitude earned for being great
Were unbending to silly sensations
Muchly missed by busy heart.

For life dare not tolerate
Since all it adores in a man
Are dignity and high esteem
Which are exchange to sensual ease.

His cells craved lasciviously
Wanting pleasure in satiety
Daring gleams of lust
That seduces till cliffs of doom.

He turned clay to feline feminie
Anyone he knew would help him
Forgetting his position,his cross!
He cared nothing but his discovery

Talent and flair turned stress
To him task turned waste of time
Life showed better routes
That tackles not but sweetens brain

Honor and respect in exchange
For satisfaction and pleasure
That naive heart can't ingore
How scandalous it seemed!

To socialite waft social disgrace
In shame that lurks till dusk
All that life had offered
Turned illusions and disgrace

See multitude yelling justice
He heard them pinning severely
To the brain that had served
Truely law never made anything equal

But no one surpasses mistakes
Before all,life learnt from him,
The best of him had he offered
Yet justice was all they yelled

To make him worthless,
To erase his records,
To make him invisible,
Among the graves of his ancestors

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