“He who comes at night”.

It's night again, my eye closes.
Familiar sounds start to ring
I'm scared, but yet I lookup
these familiar faces once again engulf me
Eerie songs, sung in my ears
Oh how deadly but beautiful I say
Deadly enough to lose one's self
Faces get familiar in the dim light
There was him looking right through me.
He points to me asking me to come
It gets too quiet almost unreal
He gets closer to my closet
And in the dimming light, I see his face
Beautiful almost too beautiful
Perhaps he isn't human
But all turn dark and a monster like a creature exposed to my sight
And in the night I hear my croak voice
Wanting to be unleashed but is cut off
I lay there as I scratch myself, like prey in danger.
I don't feel it, but I'm bleeding.
I want to run, but I couldn't
For that creature was once again gazing into my brown eyes.
Fear, that's all I could feel.
No more was that beautiful face
But instead, a monster hiding in the dark waiting to charge at its prey.
Struggling to move, but I'm not moving.
Finally, I screamed wanting this deadly dream to end.
A voice calls out to me "Angel Wake Up".
And finally, my eyes were opened once again.

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