He Would Gladly Go Again

In 1944, he went by air and sea
to kill a tyrant and to set men free
In 1950, again he's called to a chore
over in Korea, to fight a forgotten war
In 1969, his courage is called again
they sent him to a war he could never win
In 1990, he went to see the desert sand
The Persian Gulf is were he became a man
In 2001, the attack on American soil
Afghanistan is where he will do his toil
Though all of these is different, one thing remains the same
whether it was large or small a sacrifice was made
The stack of bills that he simply couldn't pay
The cheating wife that decided not to stay
The leg, arm and hand he never planned to lose
The knees back and ankles he can no longer use
The sign that he holds all day, just so he can eat
All of the nights he spent frozen in the street
His fiery temper that he tries so hard to control
The crushing depression that eats away his soul
The friends and the brothers he can no longer see
All the times he cried to God that it should have been me
All the thoughts of suicide he simply can't explain
All of the memories that are driving him insane
At night, he will toss and turn and scream
running from demons that can't be seen
He will drink some booze to calm his mind
He will take some pills and pretend he's fine
Even through all of this It's still the biggest sin
That if you ever asked him, he'd gladly go again.

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