Head Back

Head back,
Eyes wide,
Watching the sky
Watch us watch it.

Stars beam and glow,
As we lay below,
In its protection yet helpless to harm.

Green grass, black sky,
White moon, me.
Brown eyes, dark hair,
White mat, you.
We stand there, and we don’t know what to do.

Wind swirls, leaves blow,
Coloring our sights with the colors of fall.
Wind blows, hair moves,
Suddenly freedom feels brand new.

I say I’m a Libra,
You say that means book.
We laugh and grow quiet, watching the sky.

You say you’re a scorpio,
I give you a look.
We grow quiet as the night drifts by.

Dawn breaks,
Sun comes,
Glowing through every crack in that tree.

I slowly open
One eye,
Just to see you looking at me.

My heart swells with love,
Watching the sky,
Shining on the lake
Through the cracks in the ice.

Love doesn’t need
Warmth or tears,
Only a hand and the occasional ear.

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