Head case

Fuck all that you know , All you know is just programming , Keeping you controlled so that you are blind to the real reality . We all fear to ask simple questions that will test are mortality because we fear this dark fantasy of this hell that they have created for us
I wish more of us would have a sense of wonder and just rip off there blinders and see whats really happening instead of filling are eye sockets with false realities that fill our conscience with nonsense. Sometimes its like im eating green eggs and ham , Who fucking knew this was my reality , Just picked up Dr.Seuss , Now were hunting down some real made up truth . So bored might just turn on Dr.seuss , Like we all seem to turn way from the real truth that seems like an odd conspiracy .What i dont comprehend is why is it that are most blessed gifted unique minds just happen to have the same hypothesis our society just flips it around and calls it theories, When obviously we can see the blueprints to there evil Twisted plans that are still conspiring

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