Head in the Clouds

Her head on the ground
Yours in the clouds
You hurt her, you hurt her badly yet, you didn't know
She said to stop, she yelled to stop, you didn't stop
You kept going and going
With your head up in the clouds
You didn't care or notice that she yelled "NO!"
She punched, kicked, grabbed, and you didn't care
You kept going at her
Like a dog biting and slobbering all over a fresh steak
She said no, you did it anyway
Now look what you've done
You knocked her up and her parents kicked her out
You could have taken her in
But no you refused her a home
After you were the start of her new family
She couldn't take it anymore
She was mad, crazed, weak, and all you could do was nothing
Bravo! Good job!
Now look what you've done.
You didn't only destroy her, you walked her to her death
You could have stopped her but, no your head was in the clouds
as hers hit the ground

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