Head On Collision

I vowed to be different, if you struck my path
yet here i am in the same lane.Head on collision,
your words, my ears.
Result: Pain.

Unsuspecting bystanders,caught it all on camera
facebook uploads. media downloads
Now all the world knows
Your words. My ears. Your Lies. My Pain.

Ambulance arrived on the scene, time was expiditious
not that he was rushing, it is a location he knows all to well.
My Heart

Soothing words ease my anxiety, as i let them blanket my heart
warming my soul.

Time passes, Love grows
this ambulance worker is slowly stealing my soul

I can let him have it.I wont let him win it.
Anxiety builds. Insecurities double.
i am afraid to get behind the wheel.
wouldnt wanna have another....
Head on Collision.

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