Headlights increasing getting brighter in view
A moment later screeching then crashing into!

A split second awaking hearing you screaming my name
Rushing to my aid in chaos of the wreck we came!

Calling dad in ambulance then blacking out
Saying to meet at the hospital quickly in route!

Being placed in a helicopter now rushed by air
Where a team of doctors and nurses standby to care!

Eventually waking feeling darkness around
From the helplessness felt in what I found!

Then fearing to sleep and closing my eyes
Not knowing if I'll wake or parish and die!

A moment before resting I caressed your face
Reassuring "this is not your fault", just in wrong time at wrong place!

The experience my sister felt in a motorcycle crash
Beginning with the moment of lights she seen in a flash!

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This Poems Story

The night my sister was in a motorcycle crash is a day ill never forget. \"HEADLIGHTS INCREASING\" is based on the experience and emotions my sister went through...A poem in HER PERSPECTIVE!!!!