It's always been me, I've never been good enough
Being foolish and falling for your lies again
All I've ever wanted, was to meet your expectations
The words that you say and the thoughts that you think
I hurt as if a blade is impaling my spine
Letter by letter slicing my skin
Every insecurity withheld, now approaching the surface
Where do I begin to speak?
I cry and I beg for mercy, however
I never seem to find the mercy I seek
Those who claim I have a bright future do not see
My mind is a bleak and grim wasteland of pain
Of hatred, for myself.
I do not understand the meaning or reasons for this
Every day is a war that I fight alone
Armed with what seems to be only an empty sheath
To fight my demons in an endless battle
To only cry myself to sleep
Missing my simple and happy past self
The Me that everyone gets to see
The Me I use to be, before the darkness
The pain, the hatred, it took over the light heart
That is here, No more.

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