Heal the World Once More

Heal the World Once More

Just because our eyes appear to be opened,
Doesn't mean we are not blind.
Our mouths open as we speak,
Doesn't mean our mouths stay shut.
For we all know our world is in true jeopardy.
But we still turn a blind eye, thinking it's someone else's job to protect us.
When really it is all our responsibility to open our eyes and mouths.
Roll up our sleeves and become this worlds greatest advocate.
We used to have "The King of Pop" who would tell us to "Heal the World", and to help Mother Earth before it's too late.
Now he is no longer able to be our crutch, for we never listened to his plea to end this suffering.
This is still our planet, our world, our true Mother.
We are so selfish, that we would rather watch her suffer,
Than to stand up for her.
Open up and rebuild the abandoned buildings,
For the ones who have no where to go and no one who cares.
Plant a tree, when cutting one down.
Feed someone who is starving, rather than over indulge in ourselves.
Be a hand to hold, for all the lost and show them the way to safety.
Be the arms to hug and embrace, when things become hopeless, and we lose faith.
This world is at its last cry for help;
Can't you hear her screams and cries,
For she is begging us to please open up our eyes.
She will always forgive us, for she is our true Mother.
But even her cries will be silenced, if we don't stop all this violence.
We are our only enemy,
We are our only friend.
But if we don't look at each other as equals and see through all our differences, we will be defeated by our own hate.
Our children see, they are not blinded.
They will be doomed to repeat our mistakes, our close mindedness.
It is our job to ensure our children no longer see this hate.
For them not to follow our lead, with our hate, prejudice, and segregated inhumanity.
Instead they need to follow love, forgiveness, faith, hope and create a world that celebrates and commends the beauty in everyone regardless of their differences.
A world where our children finally hear Mother Earths cries.
And they all hold each others hands peacefully, and open up their eyes, heart, and minds.
Quiet our Mothers tears, and relieve her of all her fears.
For war will no longer threaten to kill her children.
Destruction will no longer kill her from her roots.
Her beautiful animals will continue to roam on her body.
Her waters will always quench her thirst.
All her children will never suffer from starvation.
A home with love and protection will always be available.
Hurt and sufferings will be silenced and peace will ring throughout all countries, and the world.
These are the messages we need to teach our children, our future.
Unfortunately, the way things are going, it's no wonder the "King of Pops" words were silenced.
Too much pain and suffering,
Too loud to hear an angels cry.
So he was given back, and now it's our time.
Please remember his words,
Don't forget his message.
We must " Heal the World",
Before we destroy our Mother.
Before she is silenced forever.
Give peace a chance!
What are we waiting for?!
We just need to stand United!
Not just as any one Country,
But for all HUMANITY!!
Remember we only have one Mother Earth,
And we are all her children.
She has protected us,
When we've been destroying her.
She is weak,
And we feel strong.
She is tired,
We continue to take.
Her resources are being drained,
We continue with our greed.
Her animals are constantly going extinct,
We continue to hunt for furs and ivory.
Money is the root of all evil,
Greed is the root of that soul.
Let's choose to be different,
Give her a chance to be strong.
See through all the greed, and hate,
Choose love, peace, and have some faith.
We will live in a world,
That God truly created us to live in for.
All I'm asking is,
Please help me Heal this World once more.

By: Misty Montagna

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Heal the World, don’t ignore our true Mothers cries.