So, you’re hurting
Wanna get away from the pain, crawl right out of your skin
Can’t get those bad days out of your head, so heavy can’t even lift your chin
Honey believe me, I been there too
At night you lay in bed, feeling those hands like ghosts
They make you feel disgusting, a corrupted soul that wronged you, your anger roasts
Your sense of worth, sense of self disappear
So, you’re filled with guilt
Believe me, it’s not your fault, even if you freeze and can’t speak
You bubble over with self-hate, replaying it in your mind, you call yourself weak
That’s not you, lovely girl
I get it, that’s how it feels, just remind yourself what’s true
You’re strong, and you’re not broken, maybe you need time to breakthrough
Away from the blame, the shame
Honey, just breathe, you’re alive, let yourself heal
There’s a light in your heart, a spark in your soul, that he could never steal
So, you pick yourself up
And you carry on, through the bad days, even if it takes years
You have power that you can’t see, you’re a force to be reckoned with so dry your tears
Don’t let it consume you
You’re better than that, you deserve to love yourself regardless
Of what happened, it doesn’t have to change you, when you feel guardless
Know you’re not alone

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This is a poem made to help heal from trauma