Hear Me Out

When I leave it's going to hurt them
But I've hurt worse
But they only see what they want to see
And hear what they want to hear
Was my rap music too much for your ears
You act like you're a saint
And continuing to go on like it doesn't bother me I can't
And I won't
You say you believe me but I know you don't
But soon You will be believers
Always tellin me "I dont believe fat meat is greasy"
Well I don't, but I know cooking fat meat ain't easy
See I understand you it's just I see things from my point of view
You ain't me I ain't you so how could I possibly see it like you do
The more I find myself the more I loose you
It's almost like you're two different You's
and I don't know who's who
And the more I get In touch with myself
Just when I think things are so right
You make them so left
You're blind to the fact that you've raised
a new breed
I'm different individual mom, Dad I'm your different seed
All I ask of you is not to see you in me but me in me
You look down upon the things I do
But I think it's unfair that Im in the wrong cause I sin
differently than you

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