He didn’t see it coming
The way it developed – that sour feeling
Coupled with her secret flirting
That left him seething
And left him bleeding
While at midnight he broke down crying

They started out fine
To him it was a good sign
It reminded him of his crush at age nine
That girl…so fine
With her he wanted to dine
And admire her perfect dentition
But all that had faded away
And today brought in another ray
Did it make him happy? He could not say
As his heart lay in a critical condition
While walking away into oblivion
Thinking deeply of self-destruction

She always saw it coming
With regards to her loving
Which was better described as infatuation
The late night cuddling
Witnessed only by the owls and their hooting
While their lips went to work in sensuous kissing
The jokes and the laughing
Followed by tears and nagging
And finally dissatisfaction and comparison
She said her reason for going
Was to avoid committing sin
But she knew this was self-deceiving
Because she had concluded her ‘research’
And had to fly off after this perch
To anyone affluent or rich

She was his first girlfriend
Whom he desired to stay with till the end
And kiss her anywhere even on an esplanade
All that soon became history
As he soliloquised beside a fig tree
While contemplating hara-kiri
He remembered their meetings together
Which glowed every night like fire
He remembered her voice which sounded like flowing water
He remembered her in his arms
Sharing his first kiss
Under the sparkling stars

The love soon turned to hate
As he wished he were a kite
And tear her up he might
The tears he sought to fight
From midnight to morning light
Till his guts were so tight
He thought of how to end the pain
It wouldn’t go by mere drinking
Maybe by self killing
But the damage had been done
His heart lay torn
As he wished to see her burn
He soon became enervated
Carefully thinking of all the love wasted
It had finally come _ what he always feared
The love of a woman
Transforming into potent poison
Making him a loveless demon

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