Even if you don't extend your hand it's alright.
I want to give you my heart
Our dreams wrapped in spangles And our hopes in confetti.
If the night sky has become too dark for you,
Let me be a handful of light
And light it up as we hold hands
Through the clouded horizon.
Soon the clouds will disperse
And lancets of sunlight will gild us,
And before you know,
All your pains and sorrows will be washed away
In the glow of the bright morning.
The sky scarred with flashes of light,
Has already passed.
And the dark of the dawn has been swept
With floods of colours...
For even if dreams die
And hopes crumble to dust,
What really stays behind
Is our heart
So even if you are scared it's ok.
I'll wait for the day
When we both can catch the laughter together
After all, what stays behind is heart.

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