I haven't felt like this in a long time.
Skin on my back peels off like fruit,
leaving me bare; my heart, raw.

I feel like poison
Runny and I have deceived you all.
It's happening again. I was so afraid that
somebody would love me.
My fingers bleed from how many times I've written it.
There's something about you. Something secret?
Something spoiled?
My heart wrapped up like leftovers in tin foil.
Uncover me and find something sickly
squirming- some kind of love untouchable.
The feeling lingers even now, like musty breath.
Like scratches down my arms that won't stop bleeding-
Like too much medicine sitting asking to come up
It reveals itself
A brown rotten little thing
from my ribs in front of me.
This thing spews rawness and hatred
and yet you still love it.

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